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The cost of elder long term care can be perceived as the threatening of financial security that a person or couple has worked hard to obtain. The fear of outliving one’s own means is a reality for millions of people.  Elder Estate planning can make all the difference for you and your loved ones. Individualized and strategic estate planning is required to optimize the remaining assets of the client(s).  As Michigan eldercare and Michigan elder law practitioners, our goals are:

1.    To provide direction for the long term care needs of the individual or spouses.
2.    To preserve assets for the benefit of the at-home or well spouse or any dependents.
3.    To ease the fear of impoverishment.
4.    To tap all existing sources of assistance to meet the cost of long term care. (e.g. Medicaid, Veteran benefits).
5.    To help you evaluate the benefits and limitations of the public health care system. (Medicaid)
6.    To advise you of the impact of any plan on the client, family, the estate and heirs.

Michigan Medicaid Eligibility, Michigan Asset Preservation, Veterans Benefits, and More

Navigating the maze of government benefit programs such as Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits is our main practice area. Don’t attempt it by yourself when we can guide you with the expertise and knowledge of the laws --which can and do change with frequency.  Call today for your complimentary consultation on all aspects of Michigan elder law and veteran law.

We are Woods Law Office and specialize in all types of elder law in Michigan and elder care as well as dealing with veteran benefits. Contact, or contact, our office in Shelby Township within Macomb County, Michigan, to learn more about our Macomb Elder Law Attorneys.

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