Medicaid & Nursing Home Benefits


The cornerstone of our Elder Law practice is providing comprehensive Long-term Care Plans. Our plans address the legal, financial and health care challenges that accompany the transitions of our clients into their Golden Years. For individuals who may be needing care in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or in a nursing home, the fear that they will become penniless paying for this care may be one of the biggest and most stressful issues at hand.

Allow The Woods Law Office to ease the stress of navigating the Nursing Home Medicaid qualification maze. Our Medicaid Eligibility Planning services include the formulation of a Medicaid Eligibility Plan, the preparation of any legal tools necessary for qualification (such as Solely for the Benefit Trusts or OBRA Trusts), filing the Medicaid Application for assistance, and representing the applicant before the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.  

Long-Term Planning and Michigan Medicaid Eligibility

Financing long-term care in a skilled nursing environment can be a formidable challenge. For qualifying applicants, Medicaid can be a useful benefit as they will pay nearly the entire cost of nursing home care. However, the rules and regulations governing the Michigan nursing home Medicaid benefit are complex, confusing and often misunderstood.  Well-intentioned individuals frequently further complicate matters by providing incorrect information regarding eligibility rules. Others suggest that the only way to qualify for nursing home Medicaid benefits is to purchase a financial product such as an annuity or to spend down assets, neither of which is consistently necessary. The Woods Law Office is experienced in both pre-need eligibility planning and Medicaid crisis-planning.

Before assuming nothing can be done to become eligible, thinking it is too late in the game or making any major financial decisions aimed at achieving eligibility, speak with an attorney knowledgeable about the Medicaid program. We urge you to not seek legal advice in regard to eligibility from the very people that stand to gain the most. Our firm’s Medicaid planning services are generally provided for a flat fee that is well below both the prevailing local rate, as well as below the cost of a single month in a nursing home at the private-pay rate.  

Woods Law Office will help guide you through the processes associated with Michigan elder law, elder care, and veteran benefits. Contact your Michigan Elder Law Attorneys today to learn how we can help. Our office is located in Shelby Township, Macomb County Michigan.




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