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Successful Estate Planning

Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Elder Care Attorneys often hear their clients say: “I would rather give our estate to a charity than to have our children fight over it”.

Estate planning can be a very difficult process and it can cause disharmony among families. To help avoid uncomfortable discussions and misunderstandings we always recommend getting legal assistance from an Elder Care attorney in your state. In the 2017 publication of the Elder Law & Disability Rights Section of the State Bar of Michigan, Robert C. Anderson brings up some great advice for Elder Care Attorneys on how to introduce harmony into Estate Plans.

The 7 measures he recommends are:

  • Family Harmony Agreements
  • Mediation in Setting up the Estate Plan
  • Stating Harmony as a Goal in Trust Agreement
  • Requiring a Clear-the-Air Settlement Conference in the Trust Agreement
  • The No-Contest Trust Provision
  • Requiring Mediation in Trust Agreement as Condition to Receiving Benefits
  • Personal Effects Disposition Forms


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