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Wills & trusts are essential components of your estate planning process.  More importantly, they are put in place to make sure you designate your estate and all of your assets to the appropriate inheritors.  That is why the Woods Law Office is the place to go to accordingly prepare your will & trust.

Our established law experts here at Woods Law Office are here to help you begin the estate planning process that will protect your estate as well as distribute the assets of your estate to your designated heirs. Our goal is to exercise all of your options in planning your last will and testament and prevent any opportunity for your estate to be held up in probate court.

Estate planning also involves the use of revocable and irrevocable wills, trusts, and ancillary documents to achieve the desired distribution of the testator’s assets upon their death, as well as to minimize taxes to be paid from the estate.  Basic estate planning packages are appropriate for individuals and couples that do not anticipate a taxable estate upon their death.  In fact, the majority of estate plan cases fall under the Basic estate planning practices.

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A Qualified Attorney for Wills and Trusts Can Help Protect Your Family's Assets 

A carefully drafted revocable or irrevocable will or trust will ensure that your estate passes to your chosen beneficiaries as desired.  Advanced directives and incapacity planning documents including the durable Power of Attorney, and a medical Power of Attorney known legally as a Designation of Patient Advocate.  In elder care and elder law, finding attorneys for drafting wills and trusts is a common need we can fulfill.

Larger estates (over 1.5 million) require more intricate planning strategies and may include the use of testamentary trusts such as Bypass Trusts or Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT) to minimize the impact of estate taxes. If you need help planning, consult with us as your estate planning attorneys.

Do I Really Need a Will?

The answer is… yes!  Wills & trusts are essential.  Not only is it a legal document including your private finances and information for after your death, but it determines to whom your estate will be designated at the time of your death.  If you do not have a will at the time of your death, your assets may not be legally dispersed in the way that you may have wished.  You are able to designate a guardianship with a will that chooses an individual to care for children under 18.  Once the child turns 18, the guardianship expires.

Where Do My Assets Go if I Don’t Have a Will?

At the time of your death, if you have not designed anyone to inherit your estate (including relatives, children, parents, etc.), then the laws of your state will apply rules of succession in order to determine what happens to your assets.  Usually, spouses and children are the natural successors of your estate.  If you were not married or did not have any children, family members like your parents, siblings, and grandparents will inherit your estate.  Should you have no relatives or other family members, your assets will be seized by the state.

Asset Protection You Can Trust

If you are concerned with how your property will be distributed after your death, click here to contact the Woods Law Office to discuss your estate planning or power of attorney options and have your wills drafted.

Eldercare Accredited Attorneys

We can assist you in all of your long term care planning needs:

  • Asset protection and management
  • Elder law
  • Elderly crisis management
  • Elder abuse: physical, mental, emotional, and financial exploitation
  • Estate administration and disputes (will contests and probate)
  • Estate planning - wills and trust attorneys
  • Guardianships
  • Long term care planning
  • Medicaid planning
  • Power of Attorney
  • Designation of patient advocate
  • Revocable and irrevocable living trusts
  • Maximization of income and assets
  • Make an application for governmental benefits
  • Veteran's Aid and Attendance Benefit
  • Understand what to do after a loved one passes away

Successfully planning for the long-term care of either yourself, your spouse, or an aging parent brings with it a sense of relief and liberation from the uncertainty of what may happen in the years ahead. At Woods Law Offices, our experience and thorough working knowledge of all aspects of long-term care planning allow us to help you make the arrangements that best fit your circumstances and give you peace of mind for the future. Please call 586.532.8970 today to schedule a consultation or click here for more contact information.  Please indicate your status as a UAW or FOP member.

Get Assistance from the Best Elder Care Attorney Michigan

The Woods Law Office focuses on all areas of Michigan elder law, power of attorney, and Veteran's Aid and Attendance Benefit. Contact your Michigan Elder Law Attorneys today by calling (586) 532-8970 to learn how we can help. Our office is located in Shelby Township, Macomb County, Michigan.

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